February 5, 2020

ISBN-13: 9781950561100

An old sixties musician and his trim mama run a pot farm in the Emerald Triangle of northern California and welcome an exonerated ex-con, a Las Vegas prostitute, a union organizer from the Bronx, an escapee of a sex slave cult, a retired carney with Parkinson’s Disease, and an old Mississippi blues guitarist down on his luck. Together they create a last resort, a modern version of home and family.

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"In a fast-paced world with many things to do and simply not enough time to do them, it becomes all too easy to forget about the little things. The Last Resort illustrates ‘the forgotten ones, those barely scraping by in a society obsessed with wealth and celebrity. But these same people, relegated to the margins, not only survive, they thrive, thanks to their compassion and generosity of spirit."

- Emerald Book Reviews

"For years, Chico novelist Emily Gallo has been chronicling the lives of an ever-widening circle of misfits. Sipping “endless cups of Earl Grey tea” at the Tin Roof Cafe, Gallo writes with non-judgmental simplicity as her characters try to make their way in the world."

- Chico Enterprise-Record