April 9, 2021

ISBN-13: 9781950561124

Kate and Lawrence drive through the desert on their way home from vacation and find a young girl sitting by the side of the road. Who is she? Where is she from and where is she going? Why is she there? When and how did she get there? What can they do to help? The girl won't speak, but that doesn't deter them from embarking on a journey through central and southern California to find the answers.

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"DREAMer by Emily Gallo is a touching mystery drama that is richly descriptive with brilliantly drawn characters and settings. The author weaves a well-crafted and poignant adventure tale with an underlying social narrative that looks at the changing socio-political landscape, immigration and family dynamics. "

- Emerald Book Reviews

"What follows is an extraordinary detective story as Kate and Lawrence attempt to find Marisol's identity and whether she has relatives in the U.S., calling in friends to help and avoiding law enforcement. Gallo brings home the reality faced by children in Marisol's situation, and underlines the couple's compassion and tenacity in their quest against all odds."

- Chico Enterprise-Record

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