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Emily Gallo The Columbarium Book Cover


October 9, 2015

ISBN-13: 9781950561025

Where can you find a cookie jar in the shape of a baseball filled with the ashes of an 84-year-old Chinese woman or a cardboard take-out carton with the remains of a 350-pound, agoraphobic pot-dealer? The Columbarium is the backdrop for peering into the eccentric lives of some of the dead, as well as of the people they left behind. When Jed takes a job fixing up the Columbarium, he is quickly thrust into the lives of strangers, both living and dead, and ultimately comes to terms with his past and his own psychological demons.

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"I confess I didn’t know what a columbarium was before I read this book. It seemed like an odd topic for a story, but when I read the first page of this book, all doubt fled my mind. Beautifully written, with heart and poignancy, this is a book you will never forget"


"Gallo tells the story of a good but flawed man whose transformation through the dailyness of life is quiet yet profound."

Chico Enterprise-Record

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